Uniqup is an exceptional reusable drinks cup that is comfortably dominating the mid-priced, high-quality product market


Retailer advantages at a glance:

Amazon Product Reviews

Still going strong after 7 months
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I have had this travel mug for 7 months now, using on average 2-3 times a week. It has been through the dishwasher every day it has been used and it is still pretty much as new. I use it for work and the school run. The bottom of the mug fits into the small cup holder in the car unlike other mugs. It keeps drinks hot for a long time and is comfortable to drink out of without the lid on. I thought it was quite expensive initially but consider it good value as it continues to do its job well. It can leak a little if over filled but otherwise haven't seen any leaks when knocked over or in general use.
Perfect travel mug!
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This is the third travel mug I've bought my husband and the last! This one ticks all the boxes ...fits perfectly in cup holder in the car, environmental & keeps his drink HOT all the way to work and beyond! (He commutes over an hour) I'm happy it's NOT plastic & he's happy it's hot! Save yourself money & just buy this one.
Really nice Cup
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I am really happy with my cup so I also bought one for my husband. it feels sturdy, it's leak proof (I test it each time I use it), I like its shape - easy to hold. I was looking for something that I could use without the lid and the mouthfeel of the borders is perfect - not too thin not too thick - but the lid is also great so I use both with and without the lid. I am super picky when buying this kind of products and I spent a whole night researching and comparing before choosing this one and I am absolutely happy with my choice. I had an issue with the shipment with Amazon and the seller intervened very quickly to solve my problem, so customer service is great too. I wish there were other colours to choose from and heard that they would soon be available for purchase but I couldn't wait for it. thank you uniqup!
Looks great feels great!!
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Arrived today and love it! Looks great, feels great in the hand, powder coating making it non slippy and there’s a rubber bottom so that’s non slip too. Top is pleasant to drink from, latch is very secure and there’s also good runner seal so provided you’ve screwed on tight it doesn’t leak. Well please with my purchase. Update: Been using for months now, seal still perfect, drink still holding temperature, paint still spot on. So good just bought a second for my wife, best coffee mug I’ve ever used
The only mug you’ll ever need
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I spent days looking at reviews for different mugs as I’m super fussy - I was looking for something that felt good to hold, was nice to drink out of and kept my drinks hot. This ticks every box and I can’t wait to purchase another to keep tea and coffee separate (not that the flavour imparts at all as it doesn’t!) Very happy and customer service is fantastic, email response with in minutes. Thank you!

Why is Uniqup selling so well - with no big-budget advertising?

Reusable cups have long been a great idea. Demand is very strong. But products in the market have been of poor quality.

Leaky, unstable, don’t fit in regular cup holders (like the one in your car), irregular sizing… and they make coffee taste funny.

Uniqup has taken every frustrating, limiting or plain annoying feature of standard reusable cups… and designed those pains right out.

And what we have then is a measurably superior version of a highly desirable, widely demanded and very practical product.

One that people are talking about… and repeat buying.

Reusable items are THE sales story of the last few years

There is a significant market out there who simply will not use disposable items.

Single-use coffee cups are widely recognised to be a huge waste of materials. There are hundreds of thousands of conservation-minded individuals who simply refuse to go along with such waste – and will only use reusable cups.

The evidence is shown by customers themselves. Google web searches for such products rises month by month – as Google’s own stats show:

Google UK web searches for search term REUSABLE past five years

Source: Google Trends: Search term = reusable | Location = UK | Time range = 01/05/2015 – 01/05/2020
% of searches relative to the highest point

And, as Global Web Index’s international surveys have confirmed, when they’ve searched… they buy:

% who agree that they would pay more for eco-friendly products

Gen Z




Gen X


Baby boomers


Source: GlobalWebIndex Q2 2018

Base: 111,899 Internet Users aged 16-64

In fact, more than half of your customers pay for reusable products – even if they cost a little more than disposables. Customers expect to be offered products that are environmentally friendly.

But like any other type of customer, they expect an attractive, robust portable cup for hot or cold drinks that won’t leak, won’t topple, fits all sorts of cup holders and does the job they expect it to.

Uniqup was purposely designed to satisfy each and every expectation of a huge – and still growing – eco-conscious market… one that still expects exceptional useability and looks – and which will pay for it.

Amazon Product Reviews

Great product which does exactly as it says!
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Looks great and keeps my drinks boiling hot for hours! Has a nice rubber base to prevent slipping on my desk and it’s great for on the go as it fits nicely into my handbag (not having to worry about any leaks) and car cup holder. I would definitely recommend!
Great quality!
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I already own one Uniqup and had no hesitation in purchasing this one. Arrived swiftly. It looks and feels great! Holds a warm drink for well more than four hours. Ideal size as well. Perfect for carrying around and placing in any sized bag. Not to mention how easy it is to clean out after use. Will no doubt use it for both hot and cold drinks over time.
5.0 out of 5 stars Great quality, it does what it says on the label
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I ordered this cup because I was using another “leak proof” cup but this one is amazing. I keeps my coffee hot for long time due to its metal walls inside and it’s really leak proof I tried upside down to hold it for a little and it does the job well not even a drop came out. Thanks again !!! P.S. It worths the money it is well good
Fantastic Coffee Cup
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This was a superb purchase and at half the cost of some of the other cups out there is quality. Made really well and solid it puts some of its competitors to shame. I actually had a nespresso coffee cup which i was using previously which cost double this and does not compare it seems that this mug kept the coffee hot for longer than the nespresso one did. All round brilliant product I wouldnt hesitate to buy another! 5*
Suits my wife
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I leave home at 6 am and leave a breakfast tray, with coffee, for my wife. The travel mug is perfect for keeping coffee hot for a hour or so and pleasant to drink from. Good product!

What is it that makes Uniqup so special?

Hundreds of thousands of people enjoy eco-friendly reusable cups.

What they don’t enjoy are leaks, poor performance, cups that topple or are clumsy to hold – or which taint the flavour of the drink inside.

So we designed all that silliness out.

Compare and contrast – and you’ll see why you’ll sell lots of Uniqups:

Cup base does not fit into standard cup holders - like the holder in your car
The use of drinks cups in cars is huge. Uniqup is specifically shaped so the base fits snuggly into most cup holders.
Cup has no grip on its base and is easily toppled
Uniqup has a textured base to hold it firmly to wherever it’s placed - desk, train trays, airline tables
Are not sized conveniently to be used in coffee shops
Uniqup is available in three sizes to exactly mirror coffee-shop cup sizes
They leak!
Uniqup does NOT leak!
Unsatisfactory return rates - design weaknesses mean they don’t always meet customer expectations
Uniqup has ultra-low returns - it was customers who showed us what they really want from a cup
Low-quality insulation that doesn’t maintain temperature for nearly long enough
High-quality insulation method gives Uniqup impressive temperature performance
The cup makes coffee taste...funny
Uniqup's materials do not give off flavour to the drink itself. Hours later, drinks taste the way they did when they were made.
Use non-sustainable materials - so are part of the environmental problem!
The cup itself can be recycled - and comes packed in recycled packaging.

So how exactly did we make Uniqup an Amazon best-seller?

We did it the intelligent way.

We studied competitor reviews and learnt where they were going so wrong.

Then we asked a large number of cup users some searching questions… and found out why they were so dissatisfied with the products they’d already tried.

We took everything that is wrong in standard coffee cup offerings – and fixed every single fault.

And that’s how we built the fabulously better, widely-loved Uniqup. We know your customers are going to love this product as much as ours already do.

How easy is it to sell Uniqup?

In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic and worldwide lockdown, we still sold over 3000 units – with no promotion outside of Amazon, no website, no sales force and no other commercial sales activity

Put simply, people love Uniqup and they tell others about it. And they come back to buy it again.

We’re not creating customers – we’re creating fans. It’s they who are driving demand – not us!


How do we get started?

Okay, so Uniqup is selling strongly, the market loves it and you feel you would like to get a share in these sales.

To kick things off, we have a truly generous introductory offer of

50% off your first 25 units

so that you can prove this best seller for yourself.

If you think it’s best to grab this offer now and test it in the real world, simply complete the order request form and we’ll be in touch to arrange payment and delivery.

Why are reusable cup sales rising so quickly?

There’s a huge market out there for anything that is sustainable, reusable, environmentally kind and which minimises waste.

The market for reusable, portable cups is well-developed. Consumers are highly motivated – and they expect retailers to be stocking it.

Yet competition for attractively-priced but very high performance drinks cups is virtually non-existent.

Second-rate, unreliable cups that eventually leak, don’t maintain temperatures very well – and which taint the taste of the drink inside – are disappointingly commonplace.

Stock Uniqup and you’ve got something that is virtually unobtainable anywhere else. Uniqup turns every complaint, frustration or let-down of other cups on its head.

So you’re selling something unique – a cup that does everything the others fail to do.

And that’s why your customers will do what ours have done: buy it, buy it again – and tell their friends about it.

pink grey stack
230ml (4)

This is an existing, energised, motivated market

We’re not ‘in development’. We’re not ‘testing the market’.

The product is designed and successful. People are buying Uniqups right now.

Your opportunity is to sell to them right now.

If you’re an online seller you’re going to offer your customers a product they’ll really appreciate, with great margins and high turnover for you…

Which also means increased traffic and seeing people spend more time on your site, looking through your inventory and making other purchases.

Similarly, if you’re a bricks-and-mortar retailer then enjoy eye-catching, attractive packaging that enhances the look of your display, great per square meter sales and, vitally, enhanced footfall within your premises.

Despite Uniqup being a proven success we understand you need some reassurance before making the happy decision to start selling it.

This is how we look after you

This is how we look after your customers

… and last – but by no means least:

A no-quibble lifetime guarantee – backed by us

Get started today with

50% off your first 25 units

to prove this best seller for yourself.

If you think it’s best to grab this offer now and test it in the real world, simply complete the order request form and we’ll be in touch to arrange payment and delivery.

Want to chat?

Get in touch to see if this product is right for your store – and I’ll answer any questions you might have.

Our Story

In the UK we get through 2.5 billion (2,500,000,000) takeaway cups every year. In 2018, we learnt fewer than 1 in 400 of these actually get recycled. This stunned me!

So I switched to a reusable… and then another… and then another… Options were aplenty but I quickly learnt performance was abysmal.

And after casual market research… and then followed by heavy-duty market research – I realised that the market for reusable coffee cups was a mature one, the concept of sustainable products was fully accepted by millions of people… and there was a gaping hole in the market where a good-priced, practical, reliable, properly designed reusable cup ought to be.

So I collected a list of everything that was wrong with the cups we currently put up with – and designed a new one that had zero defects and lots of positive attributes.

“I am truly proud of Uniqup, delighted by the market response to it
– and would love for you to take your share of Uniqup’s expanding market.”

Whatever you want, the answer is ‘yes’: I’m the founder and making sure you’re completely delighted is personal.

We will guarantee sales via a sale-or-return on everything, replacement straight away for damaged products, a hugely reassuring initial order offer that puts a wildly popular product on your shelves for a tiny outlay – but absolutely no financial risk whatsoever.

And we’ll give your customers a lifetime guarantee – which we’ll take care of.

Any questions, queries or concerns are dealt with by me. Just get in touch and it’ll be done.



A common shape and lid, aligned with coffee outlets typical beverage sizes.

8oz (230ml) | 12oz (340ml)  | 16oz (450ml)

Secure leak proof design

Premium, durable austenitic stainless steel

Stylish presentation packaging design

BPA free

Double-walled, vacuum-sealed construction

Non-slip rubber base

Scratch resistant powder coated finish

Slim form factor for one handed use and to fit in car cup holder

Lifetime guarantee- backed by us

Uniqup - easy to sell once, easy to sell again!

Get started today with

50% off your first 25 units

to prove this best seller for yourself.

If you think it’s best to grab this offer now and test it in the real world, simply complete the order request form and we’ll be in touch to arrange payment and delivery.

Want to chat?

Get in touch to see if this product is right for your store – and I’ll answer any questions you might have.