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Do you want to offer coffee cups that last a lifetime, make your audience happy, and help the environment? You’re invited to make it happen with Uniqup.

We’re on a mission to reduce the UK’s usage of takeaway cups (2.5 billion a year). After successfully selling to consumers, we’re now looking to partner with retailers and businesses who share the same goals.

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Why partner with Uniqup

We founded Uniqup to show fellow coffee lovers around the world that single-use, non-recyclable coffee cups are rubbish (ahem). We do this by delivering what we think is an unrivalled product with an unrivalled customer experience, while at the same time doing our bit to slow down the consumption of single-use products. Since our 2019 launch we’ve sold over 3000 Uniqups and received 250+ Amazon Product Reviews – average 4.8 out of 5 and just 1.25% return rate.

4.8 out of 5

260 Customer ratings

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Uniqup gives you and your audience:

Lifetime guarantee

Backed by us. Keeping your customers happy and supporting sustainability.

Co-brand with us

Want to promote your brand with Uniqup? We offer a laser engraving service.

Temperature retention

Hot for 4h. Icy cold for 6h. Uniqups are double walled, vacuum insulated.

Made to measure

340ml (12oz) capacity. Ergonomically shaped for easy one-hand carrying.


Uniqup fits snugly into most car cup holders.

Leaks… what leaks?

Flip-top screw lid keeps coffee safe from spillages.

No slips or spills

Rubber base keeps our cups secure wherever they’re plonked.

Heat-resistant stainless steel

Easy-clean surface with powder coating for extra grip.

Growing fast

New colours and sizes coming soon.

Product Reviews

Great product which does exactly as it says! Looks great and keeps my drinks boiling hot for hours! Has a nice rubber base to prevent slipping on my desk and it’s great for on the go as it fits nicely into my handbag (not having to worry about any leaks) and car cup holder. I would definitely recommend!

- Shannon Dolan

I am really happy with my cup so I also bought one for my husband. it feels sturdy, it's leak proof (I test it each time I use it), I like its shape - easy to hold. I was looking for something that I could use without the lid and the mouthfeel of the borders is perfect - not too thin not too thick - but the lid is also great so I use both with and without the lid.

- Ozlem Dinc

This for me is the best insulated mug I have had and I have had quite a few. Ceramic this, twist that, button here and there, screw and open, you name it I have tried it. This is smart, simple, good quality, lovely mat covering, can be used with and without its cap. The cap has a simple flip top which clicks open and closed securely and can be clipped in the open position as well. Recommended. I bought the grey which is sensational.

- TC

I already own one Uniqup and had no hesitation in purchasing this one. Arrived swiftly. It looks and feels great! Holds a warm drink for well more than four hours. Ideal size as well. Perfect for carrying around and placing in any sized bag. Not to mention how easy it is to clean out after use. Will no doubt use it for both hot and cold drinks over time.

- Adam McLean

This was a superb purchase and at half the cost of some of the other cups out there is quality. Made really well and solid it puts some of its competitors to shame. I actually had a nespresso coffee cup which i was using previously which cost double this and does not compare it seems that this mug kept the coffee hot for longer than the nespresso one did. All round brilliant product I wouldnt hesitate to buy another! 5*

- James Clarke

I spent days looking at reviews for different mugs as I’m super fussy - I was looking for something that felt good to hold, was nice to drink out of and kept my drinks hot. This ticks every box and I can’t wait to purchase another to keep tea and coffee separate (not that the flavour imparts at all as it doesn’t!) Very happy and customer service is fantastic, email response with in minutes. Thank you!

- Jessica White

I leave home at 6 am and leave a breakfast tray, with coffee, for my wife. The travel mug is perfect for keeping coffee hot for a hour or so and pleasant to drink from. Good product!

- Amazon Customer

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