2.5 billion reasons to choose Uniqup

In the UK we get through 2.5 billion (2,500,000,000) takeaway cups every year. In 2018, we learnt fewer than 1 in 400 of these actually get recycled. This stunned us! 

So we switched to a reusable… and then another… and then another… Options were aplenty but we quickly learnt performance was abysmal.

We thought we could do better.

That’s how Uniqup came to be. And now, since launching in 2019, we’re a top-rated Amazon best-seller. Plus, we’re also busy spreading the Uniqup message through coffee shops, retailers and other stockists.

You know that making eco-friendly choices isn’t always easy. However, you also know small changes make a big difference. Most single-use cups contain a thin layer of plastic to stop them getting soggy.

The problem is, normal recycling plants can’t separate this plastic. So 99% of the cups end up in landfill or dumped in our oceans.

2.5 billion single-use cups per year =

tonnes of CO2

About the same amount that 33,300 cars pump out

tonnes of waste

About the same amount as 60,000 households

Now it really is time to rid the world of single-use items, cut down waste, and help build a better tomorrow. Plus, let’s face it. Most single-use cups make coffee taste sort of, well, cardboard-y.

By the way, reusable cups also help you save money. In the name of research (and coffee), we visited some high street coffee shops. Turns out you get a discount from most of the big names…

Where can a reusable cup get you a discount?

Pret a Manger


Costa Coffee






Cafe Nero

2x stamps

Ready to join us on our mission to throw away throwaway culture?